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Plantar Fasciitis

” Four visits! Just four visits, and the plantar fasciitis pain I had endured for eighteen months was almost completely obliterated. Incredible!

I am not in the habit of providing testimonials, but at age 67 I am so grateful to Mark Fields for returning my active life to me, that I must do so now.
Years of ingrained stubbornness and mild skepticism prevented me from availing myself of acupuncture as an approach to healing…as a result, I struggled through all the standard approaches to plantar fasciitis without success. If anything, the condition had worsened over time, and I wasted eighteen months dealing with unnecessary pain.
The office is pleasant and welcoming. Terry, the office manager, is a delight, and Mark Fields works wonders. Not only is he incredibly gifted as an acupuncturist, he is a delightful human being as well. What a great combination!
I would recommend Mark Fields to anyone (and am doing so to members of my family). I feel enormous gratitude to him for the healing he provided me. And, as a bonus, I have had the privilege of meeting a remarkable person…a gift in itself. “
Respectfully indeed, Steve