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Knee Pain, Insomnia, Immune System, Balance Hormones

” My mother had knee pain, wasn’t able to walk for three weeks and was recommended to have surgery by her primary care physician. My friend highly recommended Dr. Fields to my mother; after her first treatment she was able to bend her knee and gain mobility. After her 4th treatment she has recovered and has no more pain. I became curious, but still hesitant to make an appointment as I’m horrified of needles. But after seeing my mother’s improvements and being tired of feeling tired and unwell for some time, I decided why not, I’ll give this a try.

During my consultation I told Dr. fields that I have been very tired lately and have not been able to sleep well for a few months (very restless and shallow sleep). I also asked if he could help boost my immune system and balance my hormones. He proceeded to treat me, the needles didn’t hurt at all, so I overcame that fear fairly fast. After my first treatment I felt considerably better, full of energy, and in a very good positive mood. I was still a bit pessimistic and wanted to see if this would help with my sleep; the best night of sleep I’ve had in months, I did not wake up once (usually wake up three to four times a night). I felt so rested in the morning.

I’m going back for my second treatment, and can’t wait to see and feel the positive results in my health and overall well being. I’m very grateful I found this wonderful doctor and highly recommend him to anyone who isn’t feeling their best and would like to improve their quality of life. Noninvasive, affordable, and effective treatment.”  ~  Ella