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Acupuncture – Steps Of Care

Relief Care – the first step in your road to recovery.  This phase of care is necessary to get rid of your symptoms or pain, but not the cause of it.  It is the same as drying a floor that was getting wet from a leak, but not fixing the leak. It is a temporary relief of pain or symptoms.


Many times a person chooses relief care only due to failure to understand the benefits of corrective care.


Corrective Care – getting to the root of the problem.  This care can cost less over time while leading to a more permanent result. Corrective care differs from relief care in that its goal is to get rid of the symptoms or pain while correcting the cause of the problem as well.  Corrective care varies in its length or time, but is more lasting. This not only includes feeling better, but corrects the CAUSE of the problem in the first place.  This phase includes adjusting the flow of Qi and having the organs functioning optimally, thereby greatly improving function and energy. The end product is relief from pain and symptoms in the body.  Total body realignment.  Greatly improved body function and energy.


How long does corrective care take?  Not everyone can reach complete correction.  Sometimes a person’s problem has reached a point that complete correction is impossible.  Your acupuncturist will inform you of the severity of your problem and if correction is possible.  If complete correction is not possible, then a program to bring your health up to its greatest potential will be explained.  If correction is possible, it normally takes a period of intensive care followed by a period of stabilization.  After the intensive phase of corrective care, visits of once every two weeks to once every two months are necessary to hold your structure in place until it stabilizes.  Your acupuncturist can best determine your individual needs.


Prevention / Holistic Wellness Care

Continue Your Progress: Research shows that the body takes longer to heal than the pain or symptoms last. Continuing care encourages your body to heal completely and faster that on-again, off-again treatments.


Prevent a Relapse: Without continued care, your organs and Qi will return to their unhealthy state.  Part of the corrective phase retains and stabilizes proper Qi flow.  Following all of the recommendations your acupuncturist makes (dietary, lifestyle, etc.) will ensure a relapse does not occur.


Wellness Care can boost your energy, help you become more in tune with your body, and even keep minor issues from becoming major problems. Wellness care is an integral part of a truly healthy lifestyle.


If you are like most people, you may not think about your health until you are feeling sick or out of balance. Maybe you are too busy keeping up with life’s daily responsibilities, or perhaps your focus is on caring for others. One of the best investments you can make is in your own well-being. Rest assured, this investment will give you plenty of positive return and will generously reward you with better health, vitality and peace of mind.


Making your health a priority is important and even when you do not have specific symptoms. In fact, preventive care is one of the simplest ways to take charge of your health. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine offer a natural, effective approach to preventive treatment, known as Wellness Care.


Practitioners of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine take a holistic or whole-body approach to healing. This means that they consider how the body, mind and spirit all work together, and believe that a state of health or wellness must involved the whole self.


True health is more than just not feeling sick. It means that you are functioning at your highest possible level.  Your body is in harmony, your mind is alert, and your spirit is calm. You have the energy you need to get the most out of life. Each aspect of your whole self is strong and balanced.


Regular acupuncture treatments can help you achieve and maintain this level of wellness.


Just as your car needs a seasonal tune-up to perform at its best, you need regular acupuncture care for optimal health. With regular treatments, your acupuncturist may be able to detect and resolve any imbalances or disruptions in the flow of energy before you start feeling the symptoms. After all, you would not wait for your teeth to decay before visiting a dentist. Why wait for symptoms to occur before seeing your acupuncturist?


Wellness care is a great way to take a proactive approach to your health.  In working with your acupuncturist, you may discover factors that could be affecting your health, including your lifestyle and emotional and mental states.  The decisions you make now will have a direct impact on your future. So make the choice to invest in your body, mind and spirit with wellness care.