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About Us

For over 30 years, the Acupuncture of Sacramento  and Herbal Medicine Clinic has offered acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine and wellness care in Sacramento, CA. Thousands of people have experienced relief from a wide range of conditions, including neck and back pain, infertility, seasonal allergies, digestive problems, fibromyalgia and much more.

Mark and Adelyn

Practicing Traditional Asian Medicine has been my passion for more than 30 years. My style is nurturing and supportive, as I believe that empathic listening is part of the healing process. I try to meet patients where they are in their healing journey and do what is necessary to help them get to where they’d like to be. I very much enjoy being a facilitator of this process. I will take time to thoroughly explain your condition, treatment and follow-up care. It is my goal to help create independence and wellness, not dependence on a practitioner.

In the 1970’s, I was working as an economist & mathematician and led extreme mountaineering trips to Alaska. I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result of several lengthy and difficult ascents. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine were the only methods that restored my health, when everything else had failed.

I am skilled in diagnosis, effective treatment techniques, ongoing assessment and patient education. My focus is on mobilizing the patient’s inner resources to help heal themselves. Using an integrative approach to healing, I guide my patients to transform pain and disease with a renewed sense of discovery, hope and possibility.


To Your Health and Wellness,

Mark Fields, Licensed Acupuncturist

Diplomate-National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics




Terri Richmond, Office Manager

Terri is a fabulous Office Manager! She’s been here with us since 2009 and she continues to do a fantastic, friendly and professional job taking care of our patients which is very important to us!

Keep it up Terri!

Also, Terri has been in the medical industry for 13 years, working with Private Health Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Claims.

Should you have any questions including appointments, just give her a call and she would be happy to help you. 🙂


Currently, Adelyn Grace works as an Office Assistant in addition to being a full time mom to our children. Aside from Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, she also has a deep interest in Natural and Holistic Wellness using Simple Meditation, Sound, Voice and Music.  She also strongly believes regular physical exercises including gardening, house cleaning, walking/hiking/running/line dancing with families and friends surrounded with positive vibes(non-competitive 😉 ) and all of nature-related activities are very effective Healing Therapies to stay well. For her, Natural and Holistic Treatments are the best route and most of all, very cost-effective, to keep us healthy. She was a former school teacher with a BS Degree in Education and became the Office Manager at this clinic for 15 years. She’s so grateful to be relieved by Terri so she can spend time  taking care of our children – yay!