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Limited Free Acupuncture Consult

We Offer a Free Initial Acupuncture Consultation!

Please call first to schedule an appointment. To download and print New Patient Forms, click here. Fill them out and bring them back to your scheduled appointment.

It is important that you feel comfortable starting treatment and that your questions are answered. In order to ensure this, we offer a free consultation. At that time we can review some of your comprehensive and natural treatment options.

If you have never had a holistic treatment before, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the experience. In consultations many clients say it is the first time that someone has really listened to them and has taken their symptoms seriously. This is probably because, at the Accredited Acupuncture Of Sacramento, every aspect of your health is important. We realize that all your symptoms, no matter how minor, are part of the picture of who you are and part of a complete picture and diagnosis. Getting the full details of your health history gives us the true picture of who you are. It is what is needed to customize a natural wholistic treatment plan just for you.

In your first consultation, we ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire and we start by asking about your main complaint. Then we ask you a series of questions about other symptoms that you may or may not have. These would be symptoms that we think may be related in some way to your main complaint. While you might think they are unrelated, our experience has shown that our body and mind are not separate pieces. They are one. We know you are a complete system meant to operate in harmony.

We also ask you about any major illness that you have had throughout your life. This process, together with observations about your complexion, general manner and appearance, enables us to start forming a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Tongue and pulse examination

We also take your pulses and examine your tongue. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these are important diagnostic tools.

When we take your pulses, this process is quite different from having your pulse taken in Western medicine. We will be feeling the quality of your pulses, rather than simply the speed. We will be feeling your pulses in three different positions on each of your wrists. This will enable us to gauge how well each of your major organs are functioning, and whether there are any imbalances between them. Looking at your tongue will also give us similar insight into what’s happening in your body.

Making a preliminary Chinese Medicine diagnosis

We would then put all these factors together to form a preliminary diagnosis, which we will discuss with you. At that time we answer any questions you may have and outline our treatment recommendations.